Who is Involved?

We are the water experts

PCWAA members are the organizational water users in the Pinal AMA, and consequently, the water experts in our area. Current member organizations include governments (Pinal County, cities and towns), private water companies, and farmers' irrigation districts. Some organizations have water supplies from the Colorado River, others do not.  All rely on some water from underground (groundwater).

To facilitate constructive, inclusive and responsive water management planning, PCWAA should include representatives of all affected or impacted people and organizations within the Pinal AMA.

Five municipalities fall within the AMA

  • Casa Grande
  • Coolidge
  • Eloy
  • Florence
  • Maricopa

Agricultural users within five irrigation districts

  • Maricopa-Stanfield
  • Central Arizona

Board Members


City of Maricopa

Town of Florence

John Anderson

City of Casa Grande

City of Eloy

Keith Brown

City of Coolidge

Melissa Campbell

Pinal County

David Snider, Chair

Irrigation and Drainage Districts

Maricopa-Stanfield IDD

Kelly Anderson

Central Arizona IDD

Tim Maher

Private Utilities

With Central Arizona Project Water

Kevin Pakka, Secretary/Treasurer
Arizona Water Company

Without Central Arizona Project Water

Bill Collings, Vice Chair